Stay connected to thousands of other alumni just like you!


Keep your Mustang Spirit alive and well by staying connected to your alma mater and supporting alumni programs and events. At South Western, pride and tradition never graduate!


Help South Western foster a true sense of school spirit among alumni, current students, faculty, staff, and our community. Show what it means to have pride in our past and promise for our future.


The South Western Alumni Association is proud to support 55+ graduating classes and tens of thousands of alumni. Connect with us and share your ideas to help make South Western even better!


If you graduated from South Western High School, you're already a member!
No fees, no registration, no sign-up. Welcome!

Good news! If you graduated from South Western High School, you're already a member. Unlike other high school alumni associations, South Western does not charge a membership fee nor do we have any requirements other than your graduate status. You're free to attend any meetings and participate however you choose regardless of your grdauation year.

Meeting times vary, but are usually held every three months and coincide with our events like the Golf Outing in June and our annual pit beef sale in September or October. Keep an eye on the website and our Facebook page for upcoming meetings.

The purpose of this assocation is to:

  • Foster a spirit of pride, loyalty, and fraternity among the graduates of South Western High School
  • Provide a source of advice and comment on strategic issues facing South Western High School
  • Create opportunities for alumni to participate in South Western High School or Alumni Association sponsored events and activities
  • Develop, manage, and participate in programs designed to facilitate the ongoing development of South Western High School and its students
  • Provide information in the planning of class reunions

While some people just see a tree or a carving, we see much more. Learn all about the Mustang Tree and it's important history on our Mustang Tree page.

The SWAA scholarship is available to any graduating senior of South Western High School with at least one parent who is also a graduate of South Western. The applicant must be enrolled in full-time attendance at an accredited two-year or four-year educational institution (college/university; business school; or trade/technical school). Apply for the sholarship or find out more here.

Information about reunions and other South Western alumni events with be posted on this site along with our Facebook page. You can also stop by one of our quarterly meetings, post directly to our Facebook page, send us an email, or join us at our annual golf outing or pit beef sale. If you know of a reunion, party, or other alumni event, please let us know so we can help spread the word.

We're always looking for fresh ideas and ways to improve the spirit and community of South Western. Anyone is welcome to attend our regular meetings or to help out at our events. Keep an eye out for meeting dates and opportunities to help with our golf outing, pit beef sale, and other events.

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